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I was born near Innsbruck, Austria, on 8th December 1985, which was perfect timing, as the 8th is a public holiday in Austria, meaning I can sleep in on every birthday! Being Tyrolean, it’s obvious that most of my childhood was spent in the Alps: that means skiing and snowboarding in wintertime, hiking in summertime. The picture perfect view you have when looking down into the valley of Innsbruck from the mountains can only be described as breath-takingly beautiful – it always reminds me about the journey through life – It’s a hard path with ups and downs, sometimes it can leave you feeling breathless. Nevertheless, the search for the right path offers room for self-discovery, new experiences and acquaintances. But most importantly for me, I guess, it’s to be true to yourself, no matter what people think or say, and no matter what obstacles or challenges life foresees for you.

When entering my parent’s home, the sounds of music was omnipresent - someone always played the piano or made music. Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be part of this and learn how to play the piano! It was fascinating what people could do with the seemingly huge box made of white and black keys – it seemed like they discovered the key to a secret world, performing magic tricks!!! As a result, I joined the local music school aged 5 and started my classical music education in Innsbruck. During my time at secondary school, I started writing my first songs. I discovered, that I could express myself and the way I feel much easier and better via music than with mere words – By singing my life :-) I could vent my emotions and feelings and so song after song was composed and with time I hence created kind of a diary.

As fortunate coincidences willed, I met the legendary Jazz trumpeter Franz Hackl when I was 15. From this moment on, he has been my friend and musical mentor. I participated at various workshops of the “outreach academy”- true to the motto, listen and learn. Time and time again, I was thrown in at the deep end; I was pushed, fostered and nurtured at the same time, all of it contributing to forming, sculpting and moulding my music and with it my character and the person I am today. Shortly afterwards, I had the huge honor of performing solo and life at the “outreach festival”. AWESOME!!! Me in midst of these incredibly talented musicians, who already could look back at a lifelong musical career!

After graduating from secondary school, I spent 1 year in London- an absolutely wicked time- I fell head over heels for the unique London energy and the buzz of the city. I moved to Vienna in 2005, where I have been living ever since. Whilst pursuing my musical career, I made an International Business master degree. At first, this may sound awkward, but I loved the extreme contrast between my music and my subjects at university, I always found it exciting and challenging. And just as unusual as this might sound (I admit, reading about my life so far, really does sound like a complete fairy tale) I was discovered by the successful music producer Christian Kolonovits in 2008. He was fond of my musical style and my compositions which caused him to sign me. I deem it a major honor to have been able to collaborate with him in order to create my debut album called “diary” in 2010. The single “Listen to your inside” was a great success! The song immediately climbed up to the Top 10 list of Ö3, Austria’s biggest radio station, and was one of the most aired songs in 2010. Lots of concerts followed… What an incredible, breath-taking, inspiring feeling to be on stage, having thousands of people singing your song!!! Wow!!! Memories that will last a lifetime!!

As every journey of any artist continues and follows new paths, mine did as well – in a new and very exciting direction.

I stayed true to myself and got back to jazz music. Franz Hackl himself had the great idea of recording an album on a single day - an absolutely crazy endeavor, as the recording of most of the albums nowadays would take more than a year. The prerequisite for this was: to bring together unique musicians and their combined skills and experience, to approach the matter with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm, and to leave the musicians the freedom to improvise. My second album is free of conventions, there are many different styles of music, every musician had the freedom to decide how his solo should sound like and how long it should be...there were no restrictions....  it was a lot of fun and an incredible experience!


I am pleased to present you my second album - "FREE" ! Enjoy!


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